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Reisverslag Sardinie - Zeilen Italie

Hieronder vindt je een reisverslag c.q route voorstel voor je zeilvakantie vanuit Sardinie. De gemiddelde dag afstanden vindt je vermeld en de route is een goede indicatie wat je op een 1 of 2 weekse zeilvakantie kan bevaren.

Aan boord vindt je alles voor navigatie. Zo zijn de meeste jachten uitgevoperd met GPS en veel jachten met een plotter. Daarnaast heb je zeekaarten van het gebied als wel de Pilot (aanvaarroutes, haveninformatie, foto's, baaien, voorziningen etc etc) tot je beschikking.

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Aanvragen zeilen


Very nice sailing day, through Cala Figari, Olbia Gulf and between Tavolara and Molara Island. You can anchor in Spalmatore Bay (good bottoms for anchorage), just in front of a nice beach. You can swim and taste this fantastic view.
In the evening you can eat on the beach in the restaurant of the "Re di Tavolara" (King of Tavolara)


Very nice sailing day, through Cala Ceraso, Cala Figari, Mortorio Island, the Costa Smeralda and Caprera Island. You will anchor in Cala Coticcio (Tahiti), one of the most beautiful and famous bay in the area. You will be surprised by the color of the water: Emerald! You will be anchored in a natural swimming-pool, and at the sunset, the coulour of the rock around you and the two small white sandy beaches become pink. If you like you can climb and make a picture from the top... unforgettable!!


Very nice sailing day, through the Archipelago of La Maddalena, Bocche di Bonifacio and Lavezzi Island. After two days at the anchor, you need the services of a marina and Bonifacio is one of the most beautiful (and cheapest) marina in the area. We suggest a visit to "The Rock" (on the top of the town) and an evening in one of the restaurants in the marina, the most famous (and expensive) is: "Le Caravelle". Their fish plates are fantastic.


Short sailing through the most famous island in the area, with its pink beach (closed) Budelli is a pearl in Maddalena Archipelago. You will anchor at one of the several buoys, in the large bay of between Razzoli, Budelli and S.Maria Island, and you will use the Dinghy to discover several white sand beaches in this angle of paradise!



Another short sailing day, to taste deeply the view of the area and the several islands, bays and white beaches. You will stop in Spargi Island, in Cala Corsara, to put the anchor in front of the beach, the coulour of the water and the suggestion of the view must be seen.
In the afternoon you will point Maddalena Island, and anchor in Cala Gavetta, a public marina, not high quality services but cheap, and in the heart of Maddalena town. You can supply, shopping and pay a visit to one of the several restaurants specialized in fish plates.


Unfortunately the week is over, a good reason to take the last long sailing in the area. You will sail between La Maddalena, S.Stefano and Caprera Island, passing under Capo d'Orso (you will see a big rock in the shape of a bear on the mountain). You will continue passing Capo Ferro, Porto Cervo reaching Pevero and Li Nibani Island to stop in Pevero. You can visit the place and at 16.00 you can point Portisco (2nm)

The holiday is at its end, but we hope you will come again in the future to discover other itineraries and places of this fantastic island.

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